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Hypatia is a projecthydra head for archived materials

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Hypatia (see is a Hydra application (see which supports accessioning, arrangement, description, discovery, delivery, and long term preservation of born digital collections.

Hypatia is being developed as part of the AIMS Project ( (“Born-Digital Collections: An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship”) funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

For a more thorough overview of the Hydra framework, see HYDRA_OVERVIEW.textile.


(0) Install Prerequisites

See the Hydra-Head project prerequisite document: INSTALL_PREREQ

(1) Get the Hypatia Application Code

  git clone
  cd hypatia

(2) Use Bundler to Install the Gem Dependencies.

  bundle install

Note that if you have RVM installed, it will create/use a gemset called “hypatia”.

(3) Migrate the Databases

  rake db:migrate

Note that this is for the development environment, not production or test.

See README_TESTING for more information on testing.

(4) Get hydra-jetty (Jetty Pre-configured with Fedora and Solr)

The following will pull down a copy of hydra-jetty into the “jetty” directory as a git submodule:

  git submodule init
  git submodule update

(5) Run Jetty

Stop any copies of jetty (or anything else using port 8983) before running this command.
(Note that java 1.6 must be invoked by the “java” command or Fedora won’t work.)

The following will copy Solr and Fedora configuration files over to jetty in addition to starting it:

  rake hydra:jetty:load

You can check if Solr is running:


You can check if Fedora is running:


(6) Run the Hypatia Application


You should now be able to go to your application at http://localhost:3000.

Note that there are no objects pre-installed into Fedora (or Solr). See README_FIXTURES for information on how to pre-install fixture objects into Fedora and Solr.

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