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* 2014-09-10: Use HTTPS URLs for RubyGems [Michael Slone]
h2. 3.3.0
* 2014-07-17: Remove dependency on mediashelf-loggable [Justin Coyne]
* 2014-07-17: Fix rspec deprecations [Justin Coyne]
* 2014-06-04: Refactor format_node_value so we don't need to check responds_to? [Justin Coyne]
[Justin Coyne]
h2. 3.2.0
#25 Allow any field_value except nil to be inserted into a solr field
#24 Remove dependency on solrizer-fedora, use AF to update index by pid
#23 Enhance Suffix#config so it can be usefully overridden by downstream
h2. 3.1.1
#22 Support for boolean values
#21 Testing on Rails version 4
h2. 3.1.0
#16 Inserting non-multivalued fields should not create a solr error
#20 Time fields should be formatted correctly when using active_support/core_ext/date_time/conversions
#17 Solrizer should accept DateTime objects
h2. 3.0.0 (2013-03-28)
suffix changes:
_s -> _sim
_t -> _tesim
_dt -> _dtsi
_i -> _isim
_sort -> _ssi
_display -> _sim
_facet -> _sim
_unstem_search -> _tim
Default Descriptors have been added: stored_searchable, searchable, dateable, facetable, symbol, sortable, displayable, unstemmed_searchable, simple
h2. 2.1.0
#11 There should only be one instance of the field mapper. It's now at Solrizer.default_field_mapper
Extract create_and_insert_terms into Solrizer::Common. This can be used for RDF datastreams
Raise helpful error message if date can't be parsed.
Don't add searchable terms when another kind of field is added (continuation of HYDRA-827)
** Upgrade note: Delete your config/solr_mappings.yml file, unless you have customized it. It's presence disables Solrizer::FieldMapper::Default **
h2. 2.0.0
HYDRA-827 DO NOT index terms by default
HYDRA-863 Null pointer exception fixed.
BUG: Replaced data_type method with type which was causing the :type option in OM terms not to work. This makes certain tests not pass under Ruby 1.8.7, specifically when using :type option with a proxied term in OM.
BUG: Fixed TerminologyBasedSolrizer#solrize_node instance method to call class method correctly, and changed #solrize_term to call instance method #solrize_node so that it can be overridden by subclasses
Test fixes such as properly testing solr field suffixes when using the :type option in OM as well as using correct ISO.8601 dates in our fixtures
HYDRA-876 When solrizing OM documents, term_values is called instead of find_by_terms which ensures data types are deserialized correctly. Dates are also converted to ISO 8601 format, both when intgrating with OM or when using solrized independently.
h2. 1.2.2
BUG: RSolr::Client doesn't have a delete method. Changed to delete_by_id. (only affects solrizer shell script) Thanks to mkorcy.
h2. 1.2.1
BUG: name mappings message is a "debug" message, not "info"
fixed rake tasks to include coverage properly
changed email, summary, description in gemspec
h2. 1.2.0
Upgrade to om 1.5.
Now works with ruby 1.9
h2. 1.1.2
BUG: Not responding to messages of type: "modifyDatastreamByValue"
h2. 1.1.1
BUG: Trying to index the children of proxy terms (can't access them in OM). Added a check to make sure it doesn't do this.
BUG: Not responding to messages of type: "modifyDatastreamByReference"
BUG: Not logging unavailable message types
h2. 1.0.3
BUG: Extractor.format_field_values was choking when value was nil
h2. 1.0.0
* extract_tag
* extract_tags
* extract_hash
All solrize and extract methods now accept and return a _Hash_ rather than a Solr::Document
Removed dependency on outdated "solr" gem, replaced it with RSolr
As part of this switch, *all field names are stored as Strings, not Symbols*. If you previously accessed something as solr_doc[:title_t], now you need to access it as solr_doc["title_t"]
Moved #format_node_value and #insert_solr_field_value from TerminologyBasedSolrizer to Solrizer::Extractor
h2. 0.3.1
fix in require statements
h2. 0.3.0
HYDRA-286 Re-structure Solrizer to separate solrizer base from fedora-solrizer
Added TerminologyBasedSolrizer
Added Extremely Configurable FieldMapper
Updated FieldNameMapper to use new FieldMapper
h2. 0.1.2
Minor: switched active-fedora gem requirement to >= 1.1.5 instead of = 1.1.5 (was breaking apps that use later versions of active-fedora)
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