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The repository is a base for projections which use particles. Visit for some example projections based on this project.


The scratch project is developed to be built on a Debian VM or a Rapsberry PI as detail on the tools page page of the project website.

  • check out the project by cloning the git repository
  • cd in to the project folder
  • run vagrant up
  • run vagrant reload (required: for Projectionist start Weston)
  • run vagrant ssh
  • run make clean. It is a good idea to run these when switching between different branches of the same repository.
  • run make
  • run bin/main. you should see a full screen, white trapezium on a black background.

Folder Structure

root dir, run (e.g.) `make` here  .
                                  ├── bin
vendor code                       ├── include
                                  │   └── projection
platform specific code code       ├── platform
                                  │   ├── rpi
                                  │   │   └── projection
                                  │   └── weston
                                  │       └── projection
the source for the projection     └── src
                                      └── scratch

  • Vendor code is where we put depedencies which are not installed with the OS package manager
  • The platform directory lists routines for establishing a OpenGL ES 2.0 contexts
  • The source directory is the place to implement your projection

Additional Platforms

The build system targets raspberry pi as the end platform and a debian VM running Wayland (weston) as a development environment.

There is a single entry point: projection::play(drawing) for each platform.
Platform-specifics are decided in the implementation files in platform/*.
In the folder corresponding to each platform, play.cpp implements this method.
The build system selects the correct implementation.

Also see


Based on the simple-egl example from weston source code:

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