Exception detail not show on Logs pain when Continuous Deploy is configured #439

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AzureFunctions one of the strength is CSX dynamic scripting C#. It offers user line number of exception and ease to fix it without using IDE or Run side-by-side on Web Console. However when CD is configured there are no compilation detail error show in Logs pain.

This is highly frustrated because I need to cut off CD to check detail exception.


Show Exception detail even CD is configured.


When CD is NOT configured, it shows detail of error and I can fix it in the sec. Bravo!

2016-07-14T09:52:48.805 Script for function 'SampleResponseCSharp' changed. Reloading.
2016-07-14T09:52:48.805 Compiling function script.
2016-07-14T09:52:48.945 run.csx(49,29): warning CS0168: The variable 'ex' is declared but never used
2016-07-14T09:52:48.945 D:\home\site\wwwroot\CoreLibCsx\SampleHelper.csx(155,13): error CS0152: The switch statement contains multiple cases with the label value '10'
2016-07-14T09:52:48.945 Compilation failed.

When CD is configured, it never show detail and I couldn't know what going on.

2016-07-14T10:00:45.612 Exception while executing function: Functions.CredentialResponseCSharp. Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Script: Script compilation failed.
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This should move to the scripts repo to get the host to print compilation errors on run as well as on save. When CD is configured, you can't edit the file, which doesn't ask the host for recompilation.

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Output compilation errors on run, not just on save #924


Filed Azure/azure-webjobs-sdk-script#924, closing this

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Fantastic! Thanks a lot!

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