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A file copying tool with semantic appropriate for deploying web site files


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Tool for syncing files for deployment, will only copy changed files and delete files that don't exist in the destination but only if they were part of the previous deployment.

This is the node.js version of KuduSync.NET.

Install from npm - npm install -g kudusync


kudusync -f [source path] -t [destination path] -n [path to next manifest path] -p [path to current manifest path] -i <paths to ignore delimited by ;>

The tool will sync files from the [source path] to the [destination path] using the manifest file in [path to current manifest] to help determine what was added/removed, and will write the new manifest file at [path to current manifest]. Paths in <paths to ignore> will be ignored in the process


Apache License 2.0


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This project is under the benevolent umbrella of the .NET Foundation.