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Run unit tests #220

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Please run unit tests and allow me to configure the system to not deploy when any unit tests fail.

TFS publishing does this, app harbour does this.


The immediate way to do this is using Deployment hooks.

Currently we are working on a simpler way to customize deployments with samples of adding unit test run, this should be here soon.

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Some of this can be done today using custom scripts. Hopefully, at some point we can do this completely automatically. Moving to S21.


I've followed Maarten's blog post on running unit tests using deployment hooks, but I'm now running into an error during deployment:

"The system cannot execute the specified program."

I've verified that Gallio is being properly downloaded and unzipped and that the command is available for execution by testing locally. I've tested this using not only Gallio, but also using the NUnit runner from the NUnit.Runners package in NuGet. Does anyone know whether support for running third party executables during the deployment hooks stages has ceased?


@neraath could you share the test repo that you're using (e.g. on github) so we can try exactly what you're trying? Thanks!


@davidebbo , yep. I just pushed up the repo. This was previously local git push deployments to Azure rather than github-based deployments.

d93d3c115a was the final working commit for the NUnit runners. I could not get it to work properly (same error as referenced above), but presumed one of the reasons could have been that the nunit-console.exe is not a strongly signed assembly. That's why I tried to use Gallio.

HEAD is the latest attempt with Gallio, but still the same behavior. Let me know if you see anything glaring that I'm missing.


Looks like it is indeed broken. So trying to understand if there was a regression: are you sure that the exact same worked before? Or maybe when it worked it was a slightly different version on the tools?

Either way, we need to make it work.


Curiously, all the x86 versions of the executable from the bin directory of the package seem to be working fine.
For instance, using KuduExec

C:\DWASFiles\Sites\convene\AppData\Gallio\bin> Gallio.Host.exe /help
The system cannot execute the specified program.

C:\DWASFiles\Sites\convene\AppData\Gallio\bin> Gallio.Host.x86.exe /help
Available options:



Hey @davidebbo, I have not made this work previously, but apparently Maarten has.

@pranavkm - You're absolutely right, but there's not an x86 version of the Gallio.Echo executable. However, there is an x86 version of the NUnit console runner, which worked beautifully!


That's interesting. At least it gives a workaround!


The scenario now works quite well, as shown in this blog post. While it still requires a custom script, that's a small hurdle for those who want to run tests before deployment. Please let us know if you run into issues.

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