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I've been looking at how to support GitLabHQ ( as a deployment source.
Some observations:

  • Currently, FetchHandler depends on a form variable called 'payload'. This is not used in gitlab. It just sends plain 'application/json'.
  • gitlab sends the repository url without the '.git' postfix (like github). This is not an url you can pull from (.git should be added), probably gitlabhq should add it.
  • Kudu missing support for basic authentication. SSH can't be used I think, as we don't get an ssh repository url from gitlab.
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Unfortunately, every provider does things a bit differently, we we have different logic for Github, Bitbucket and Codeplex. Also, look at #223 and #225 where we're looking what it would take to support, which is kind of like Github but not quite.

But so far, we haven't had to deal with non-public repos that don't support ssh, which seems to be the case for GitLabHQ (correct?). So that would be a new challenge :)


I saw those issues yes, so I thought I would add this to the backlog as well.

Maybe detection code can be made a bit more flexible, or the possibility to override guessing with a setting.

I think the demand for more providers and different scenario's will grow eventually anyway.

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Agreed that the list will grow, and the likelihood of them converging to a standard format is small :)

I'm open to some refactoring to make it more flexible. Though I don't see how a setting can make that work generically, unless the setting contains a big piece of code that has the parsing logic!

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It can't be generic, the best you can do is to factor it into separate components:

interface ISettingsProvider 
     bool TryGetSettings(HttpContextBase context, out Settings settings);
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Closing this one, as we did do a lot of refactoring, and I believe you got the GitLabHQ support in.

@davidebbo davidebbo closed this Jan 4, 2013
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