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Understand why Kudu restart in few scenarios during Kudu2 CI. #499

suwatch opened this Issue Mar 25, 2013 · 2 comments

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suwatch commented Mar 25, 2013

In theory, all startup trace should almost be /settings/DummySetting. This is what we do explicitly before reusing the site and 99% are exactly that.

Looking trace.xml from Kudu run, I noticed we have 3 more occurrences of restarts not fit the above.

  1. /settings/SCM_BUILD_ARGS in ExtraBuildArgumentsAreApplied test. This is expected as the test change the AppSettings and call get value till it becomes valid.

  2. /scm/info in NodeVersionPickerSelectsRightVersionOfNodeRuntime test. ??

  3. /scm/info for PullApiTestBitbucketFormatWithMercurial test. ??

It is good to understand why 2. and 3. Whether it is specific to the tests? It might reveal something interesting.

Open for tracking.

projectkudu member

We should check whether 2. and 3. are consistent from run to run or random.

projectkudu member

In latest test run, all restarts are for DummySetting as expected. However, it's only a small portion of the run since the log doesn't keep everything. But let's call it good enough for now.

@davidebbo davidebbo closed this May 4, 2013
@maggieying maggieying was assigned May 8, 2013
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