Project Structure

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Kudu Project Structure

  • Kudu.Client - Client APIs for Kudu web services
  • Kudu.Core - Core Kudu API. Includes source control management, deployment management etc.
  • Kudu.Contracts - Interfaces that Kudu.Client and Kudu.Core share.
  • Kudu.SiteManagement - IIS Site management layer (CRUD operations for IIS sites).
  • Kudu.Web - Front end to manage Kudu site (UI etc)
  • Kudu.Services - Kudu's web service layer. Exposes services like deployment, editing and source control management over http.
  • Kudu.Services.Web - The host project for the Kudu.Services.
  • Kudu.Setup - Builds an msi for Kudu.Services.Web.