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An open-source, web-based 'multi-up' viewer that supports zoom-pan-rotate functionality, ability to display/compare simple images, and images with annotations.
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NOTE: This README reflects the in development version of Mirador 3. For previous versions, please reference that release's README directly. Latest 2.x release: v.2.7.0


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For Mirador Users

You can quickly use and configure Mirador by remixing the mirador-start Glitch.

Adding translations to Mirador

For help with adding a translation, see src/locales/

Running Mirador locally

Mirador local development requires nodejs to be installed.

  1. Run npm install to install the dependencies.

Starting the project

$ npm start

Then navigate to

Instantiating Mirador

var miradorInstance = Mirador.viewer({
  id: 'mirador' // id selector where Mirador should be instantiated

> miradorInstance
{ actions, store }

Example Action

Add a window:


To focus a window run:


Check current state


Running the tests

$ npm test # For headless CI=true npm test

or to continually watch the source files

$ npm run test:watch

Linting the project

$ npm run lint


Useful browser extensions for debugging/development purposes

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