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An open source voice control interface kit implemented in C++ for voice based control applications such as robot control, device control.
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An Open-source Voice Command Interface Kit

The OpenVCIK is an open-source platform for developing voice based control applications such as robot control, device control, and home automation. The OpenVCIK software is implemented as a light-weight framework - OpenVCIK Framework , which is written in C++ for speed and efficincy and provides all the base features such as sensor data structures, queues, speech recognition (using Pocketsphinx), TTS (using Flite).The OpenVCIK also provides a C++ library - OpenVCIKServices for quick application developement on top of the framework therey by allowing the Kit to be easily integerated to such mentioned voice based control application.

For API documentations, tutorials, and other deitails see Wiki.


The project's core team members are: Junaid Ahmed Ansari (, github: junaidcs032), Arasi Sathyamurthi ( and Prof. Ramesh Balasubramanyam ( All the members can be reached by their respective emails for queries. However, for quereies specific to codes and bugs, please contact Junaid; Junaid will be maintaining this repository.


Copyright (c) 2015-2016, Raman Research Insitute, Bangalore, India. All rights resereverd.

The OpenVCIK is covered under the GPL license. According to this licenese, you can use, modify or redistribute the code provided the conditions posed by the GPL for redistribution is met and you don't HOLD US LIABLE i.e. this code is open-sourced WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

For complete license text refer the LICENSE FILE.

Note: The license applies only to the Project OpenVCIK.

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