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Project Pages

Project Pages is Jekyll Template specifically geared towards collaborative science. For more information, click here.

Nav Bar Jumbles

If you have seemingly random pages popping up on your Nav Bar recently, this is due to the fact that GitHub/Jekyll changed a fundemental rule they used to render pages.


It used to be that if a markdown file didn't have --- frontmatter at the beginning, it wasn't rendered as a page. This was changed very recently (like in the last 2 days) so that every markdown file anywhere no matter what gets rendered as a page.


1) Go to:

project-pages/plugin/markdown/ or yourreponame/plugin/markdown/ and delete example.html and files. This can be done graphically for the non-Git-savvy by simply going to your:

GitHub account -> Your Profile -> Repositories -> Project-Pages/Your Repo -> Pluging -> Markdown

and clicking on the files, then clicking on the "thrash can / delete this file" icon on the top right corner of the file.

2) You need to change the at:

GitHub account -> Your Profile -> Repositories -> Project-Pages/Your Repo

to by clicking on the file and changing the name.

The fixes are already implemented here so new forks won't have a problem, and old forks should be able merge without conflict if they know how to.