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Handles 2 different types of logs:

  • single line (syslog)
  • multi-line (log4j, stack traces)
    • these might require a template to be written that explains where certain types of data are; making java & ruby stacktraces searchable can be incredibly useful

Provides a real-time-ish dashboard that displays (storm + incanter?):

  • summary stats for number-like things in single line items

  • mean, median, quintiles, 90%tile, 99%tile, 1st deriv, 2d deriv

  • allows grouping + sorting by any column

  • Separate display for multi-line items which are aggregatable by hostnames, ip addresses, applications, line number, file, error string, &c -- the problem with these is that they’re so application specific that I can almost guarantee that we’ll need to provide some type of config file and/or DSL that lets people minimally describe what kind of data they expect in a multi-line logfile

Indexes incoming data for simple searches:

  • search for strings
  • basic predicates “BLAH < X” “NOT in (ABC, DEF)”
  • provides derived columns by application of well-defined functions (AVG, SUM, &c) (arbitrary functions to come later)
  • search needs to understand IP addresses ( is inside of