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Project Pokémon Events Gallery

What is this?

The collective effort of the Project Pokémon (and other) communities to preserve as much event Pokémon information as possible.

How do I use this?

• Legality with PKHex

  1. Download this repository.
  2. Extract the contents to a folder mgdb in the same folder as PKHex.exe.

• Injection with PKHex

  1. Find the specific wondercard or Pokémon file.
  2. Drag/drop the file onto PKHex in the spot where you want that Pokémon.

I don't see X event. Can I contribute it?

Sure, there are several ways.

  1. Create a pull request!
  2. Make a contribution post here.

It looks like some Gen 4 events are hacks, what's up with that?

Unfortunately some of the Gen 4 wondercards are missing but we have the mystery gifts (PGT). To keep everything consistent, the PGTs were converted to wondercards with placeholder data. There is a list of missing wondercards here. Do you have one of these events? Please contribute it!

Where are the Gen 4 PCD files?

To keep the format consistent, all PCDs were converted to WC4 format. The data is the same except the Pokémon template itself is decoded, just like PK4 files.

Where are your individual Pokémon files for Gen 4+?

Posting the individual Pokémon not only contributes to cloning, but does not help our legality research efforts. The exception are GTS traded Pokémon from Daisuki, of which many are missing or incorrect in the gallery.