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The Kafka Provisioner component is responsible for creating topics in a Kafka cluster when asked to do so by the riff system.

For a given riff stream "foo" existing in namespace "my-ns", a PUT request will be made to this component at /my-ns/foo. It will react by creating a topic named my-ns_foo. Note that the underscore is an allowed character in Kafka topic names but is disallowed is kubernetes resource names. This avoids collisions between ns=foo-bar:stream=quizz and ns=foo:stream=bar-quizz

Upon successful creation (or lookup of pre-existing) of a topic, it will return its liiklus coordinates in the following json form:

 "gateway": "<host>:<port>",
 "topic": "<created-topic-name>"


The provisioner should run with the following environment variables configured:

  • BROKER: the address of a Kafka broker to connect to, in the form host:port
  • GATEWAY: the address of a liiklus gRPC endpoint. Will be used as part of the returned coordinates (see above).
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