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Netlify Status

This repo contains configuration and markdown content for

The site is built with Docusaurus, but does not use the built-in Docusuarus versioning. A complete set of markdown content is maintained in a directory for each published version, e.g the v0.3.x documentation is maintained in docs/v0.3.

Generated HTML is published online using Netlify. The build configuration for Netlify is in netlify.toml.

Getting started

To bring in dependencies for the first time:

make install

To preview using a local dev server:

make dev

Creating docs pages

Documentation markdown files live in the /docs directory at the same level as this /website directory. Each markdown file should include at least the following frontmatter:

id: documentation-url-slug
title: Documentation Page Title


To allow access through the sidebar, docs pages need to be referenced (by their id) in sidebar.json.

Creating blog posts

Blog posts live in the /website/blog directory.

Blog post files should follow a naming convention of The lowercase, slugified name following the date will be used for the page url.

title: New Blog Post

Lorem Ipsum...