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Trillian Demo: Python API client library

This library helps you interact with a Trillian log. It provides a TrillianLog class with methods like .append().


You'll need to clone this repository and install it manually in your Python app. For example:

. venv/bin/activate
pip install -e ~/trillian-demo-python-api-client/


Example use

>>> log = TrillianLog.load_from_environment()
>>> log.append({'foo': 'bar'})
>>> log.latest()
LogEntry(idx=14, data=b'{\n"foo": "bar"\n}')

>>> log.latest().json()
{'foo': 'bar'}


Helper: reads TRILLIAN_LOG_URL and TRILLIAN_LOG_PUBLIC_KEY from the environment and instantiates a TrillianLog class.

TrillianLog(log_url, public_key)

Instantiate a TrillianLog class with the log_url of a log, for example:

  • log_url:
  • public_key: ECDSA:SHA256:MFkwEwYHKoZIzj0CAQYIKoZIzj0DAQcDQgAER4Z5Ac9QEtvFqz7c808DJP1IzqxN88r8aUNsC2pluKHkw5EK+vQ1DKaSG20zufLlIeDvWNEYZ6INgqm7Fz35Nw==


Gets the signed log root, validates the signature against the public key

>>> log.get_log_root()
LogRoot(tree_size=5, root_hash='F/ZKT9N6eoDQi0+paj3eToI/U9xu1ZriSMy/vhjkm30=', timestamp_nanos=1531403868624765390)


Insert a Python dictionary into the Trillian log.

>>> log.append({'foo': 'bar'})


Find the latest leaf (log entry) in the Trillian log and return it as a LogEntry object.

>>> log.latest()
LogEntry(idx=14, data=b'{\n"foo": "bar"\n}')


Download and hash all the data in the log, recreating a Merkle tree and comparing its root hash against the given log_root.

>>> log.full_audit(log.get_log_root())

.get_leaves_by_range(start_index, count)

Download the given leaves from the log as LogEntry objects.

>>> log.get_leaves_by_range(0, 2)
[LogEntry(idx=0 data=b'{\n"datetime": "2018-07-12T00:00:00Z",\n"Eastbridge Road - Pedestrians": "23",\n"Eastbridge Road - Bicycles": "15",\n"Eastbridge Road - Cars": "45"\n}'),
 LogEntry(idx=1 data=b'{\n"datetime": "2018-07-12T01:00:00Z",\n"Eastbridge Road - Pedestrians": "34",\n"Eastbridge Road - Bicycles": "4",\n"Eastbridge Road - Cars": "34"\n}')]