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Trillian Demo: Server

This is a virtual machine with a demo of a working Trillian server, made up of these parts:

  1. An instance of Trillian, providing the Merkle tree implementation using MySQL for storage

  2. A Flask webserver app which:

  • Provides a front-end to create and delete logs
  • Provides API endpoints to allow a client to synchronise and check the Merkle tree
  • Provides a demo API endpoint for inserting new log records


  • Download Virtualbox and Vagrant

  • Run mkdir -p ~/.cache/vagrant-apt-archives

  • Run vagrant box update

  • Run vagrant up --provision

  • Run vagrant ssh

  • In different terminals run:

    • make run_trillian_log_server
    • make run_trillian_log_signer
    • make run_webserver


Add a log

Once everything's running, you can a log by going to in your browser.

Look at the log's metadata

In the front-end, click on View metadata, which takes you to /v1beta1/logs/<LOG ID>

  • The log_url is the base URL needed to interact with the log
  • the public_key is used to sign log roots. In order to verify anything from the log, you'll need to take a copy of this public key to verify those signatures.

Insert a log entry

You can POST data into a log (although the Python API client can do this for you):

The data must be encoded as base64 and passed to this endpoint in a JSON string called base64_data.

curl -X POST -H 'Content-type: application/json'<LOG ID>/leaves -d '{"base64_data": "eyJmb28iOiAiYmFyIn0="}'

Get the latest signed log root

This endpoint provides the tree_size and the root_hash (the bottom of the Merkle tree), signed by the log's public key.

curl '<LOG ID>/roots:latest'

Get a Merkle consistency proof between two tree sizes:

This endpoint provides the information you need to validate that one tree is a subtree of a larger tree.

curl '<LOG ID>:consistency_proof?first_tree_size=10&second_tree_size=20'

For example, suppose you previously validated the tree with 10 entries in it. Later, the tree has 20 entries. You want to check that smaller tree you previously validated is completely contained inside the new, larger tree.


Trillian is built from source, from the latest commit on GitHub.

The ./gocode directory is shared from the host machine into the virtual machine as a cache, reducing the time it takes to vagrant destroy && vagrant up


The webserver is a Flask app.

It lives inside the webserver/ directory.

In Trillian's terminology, the webserver implements a personality. Trillian aims to be a generic Merkle tree implementation, while the personality implements the public interface.

The webserver communicates with Trillian using gRPC, where the API is defined in these main protobuf files:

The webserver has a local copy of all the protobuf files requires in the protobuf/ directory.


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