[NOT MAINTAINED] Parametric drawings in pure SVG.
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Parametric drawings in pure SVG.


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✓ Fully compatible with SVG specs.

parametric.svg graphics can be viewed directly in the browser or in a simple SVG viewer. They can be edited and authored in your favorite program – be it Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, vim or any other.

How is that? parametric.svg is just an XML namespace. We don't reinvent the wheel – instead, we extend the impressive capabilities of SVG, which are already built in.

✓ Language-agnostic.

Tailor-cut for the web, but easy to implement in any programming language.

✓ Ready for the future.

There is a specification for dynamic parameters in the upcoming SVG 2.0. parametric.svg aims to be backwards compatible with it – profiting from all its goodness, and bringing even more than that. We not only support dynamic parameters – but also logical and arithmetic relationships between them and geometry.

SVG 2.0 isn't yet fully standardized and implemented. But parametric.svg is built upon existing, stable technologies – ready to be used today.

✓ Full-fledged.

parametric.svg is a complete set of tools to describe relationships between parameters and elements. For the web it could become what Grasshopper is for CAD.