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Project Sophon


  1. darkforest-rs darkforest-rs Public

    Rust utilities for Dark Forest

    Rust 46 24

  2. df-play-to-earn df-play-to-earn Public

    Dark Forest plugins to earn xDai while playing the game.

    TypeScript 26 7

  3. df-plugin-dev-server df-plugin-dev-server Public

    An ESBuild server for Dark Forest plugin development.

    JavaScript 16 8

  4. darkforest-local darkforest-local Public

    Run your own local game of Dark Forest

    77 95

  5. hardhat-circom hardhat-circom Public

    Hardhat plugin to integrate Circom and SnarkJS into your build process.

    TypeScript 108 16

  6. sophon sophon Public

    The Dark Forest Toolbox

    TypeScript 43 7


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