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Project Syn - by VSHN

Pre-integrated set of tools to provision, update, backup, observe and react/alert production applications on Kubernetes and in the cloud


  1. commodore Public

    Commodore provides opinionated tenant-aware management of Kapitan inventories and templates. Commodore uses Kapitan for the heavy lifting of rendering templates and resolving a hierachical configur…

    Python 36 8

  2. The Project Syn Inventory API Operator

    Go 2 1

  3. The Project Syn Kubernetes Cluster and Tenants Inventory API

    Go 9 2

  4. The Project Syn main documentation repository

    HTML 6 4

  5. Step-by-step guide to create a small Commodore component


  6. steward Public

    In-cluster agent for Project Syn

    Go 3


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