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Projmate core

The core for Projmate, a cross-platform, declarative and more intuitive project administration.


I want files to be pretty, uncompressed and commented when I'm developing, but in production I want the same files to be preprocessed, minified, compressed and made into a single CommonJS module in the browser.

  • File sets - higher order than plugins
  • Build environments - development, test, production
  • Pipes and filters - how to process files in file sets
  • Rich, cross-platform shell object - works on Windows
  • Create projects - get started from a git repo skeleton
  • Serve files through local HTTP/HTTPS with valid certificate
  • CommonJS in the browser

pm run

The following examples read

To build stylesheets in development mode

pm run stylesheets

To build pages/stylesheets in production mode

pm run pages stylesheets -e production

To build pages/stylesheets and watch

pm run pages stylesheets --watch --serve

To build pages/stylesheets, watch and serve

pm run pages stylesheets --watch --serve

Disable loading of files for mocha, etc

files: { load: false }


exports.server =
  dirname: 'dist'
  httpPort: 8000 #80
  httpsPort: 8443

exports.project = (pm) ->
  f = pm.filters()
  $ =

  #  "src/**/*" => "dist/**/*"
  distDir = _filename: { replace: [/^src/, "dist"] }

      pre: "clean"
      files: "src/**/*"

      development: [ true)
        f.addHeader(filename: "doc/copyright.js")

      development: ->
        $.rm_rf "dist"

      development: (cb) ->
        $.run "mocha -R spec --compilers coffee:coffee-script --globals PROJMATE src/test", cb


  • Tasks define one or more build environment actions.

pm create

Creating a project skeleton. Idea from visionmedia/ngen.

  1. Must have a top-level __meta.js file containing a single variable meta. The meta declares user inputs. All properties of type string are required input fields. Function properties, are evaluated after reading inputs from user. Functions are evaluated in a sandbox, KISS.

  2. Files and directories are renamed using {{pm__PROPERTY}} tokens. For example, given a file named skeleton/{{pm__name}}.txt and user input for name property is "hello", the file is renamed to skeleton\hello.txt.

  3. Similarly, text files may use {{pm__PROPERTY}} for replacement during project creation.

The {{pm__PROPERTY}} convention was chosen due to popularity of mustachey projects. Having to escape curly braces everywhere would not be fun.

Projmate skeletons

pm create <short-url> <new-project-name> [-s sub-project]
Short Url Description
projmate/skeletons Repository of several skeletons


pm create projmate/skeleton-backbone-spa bb-example


Copyright (c) 2013 Mario Gutierrez

See the file COPYING for copying permission.