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Password updater for KeePass, KeePassX, KeePassXC(kdbx), pass, Chrome, Password Safe.

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Automatically update passwords from common Password Managers. Supported Password Managers are:

Getting Started


  1. Install Node.js and Node package manager. Please refer to for more information.

    sudo apt install nodejs npm
  2. Install Nightwatch:

    npm install -g nightwatch
  3. Install Browser and WebDriver:

    Either install Firefox or Chrome.

  4. Install Rust:

    curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
  5. Optional for Chrome password manager

    Install Openssl and Sqlite

    sudo apt install libssl-dev pkg-config libsqlite3-dev

Prerequisites (Ubuntu)

The following commands can be run on Ubuntu to install required packages:

sudo apt install nodejs nodejs-legacy npm libssl-dev pkg-config libsqlite3-dev
npm install -g nightwatch
npm install geckodriver --save-dev
npm install chromedriver --save-dev
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Program Usage

Compile and Run

Compile the package and all the dependencies:

cargo build

Run the program:

cargo run -- [Program arguments]

Whether or not the browser is executed in headless mode, can be changed in nightwatch.conf.js. To disable headless mode comment the '-headless' argument out for the desired browser, see Section Nightwatch Configuration for additional information.

Program Arguments

Argument Description
-c, --config <FILE> Where <FILE> points to the TOML configuration file.
-h, --help Prints help information
-V, --version Prints version information

Configuration file

Allows you to choose between the browser to be used and the password manager variant.

Example configuration file:

active_profile = "my-private-keepassx"
browser_type = "firefox"    #browser_type = "chrome"
nr_threads = 10     #optional default: 1

type = "kdbx"
sources = [ "private-kdbx" ]

type = "pass"
sources = [ "work-pass" ]   #optional

name = "private-kdbx"
file = "tests/resources/test_db.kdbx"
blocklist = [ "", "" ]    #optional

name = "work-pass"
blocklist = [ "" ]    #optional

dir = "./scripts"
blocklist = [ "" ]   #optional

[urls]  #optional
"([^/]{1,30}://)?[^/]$|/.*)" = ""
"" = ""
"(https://)?[a-z]|[A-Z]|[0-9])*)*" = ""
"non-domain-name-in-DB-file" = ""

dir = "development/my-custom-PassUp-scripts"

The configuration file has to be written and saved in the TOML format.

Allowed configuration parameters:

  • browser_type: ["firefox", "chrome"]
  • profile.type: ["kdbx", "pass", "pwsafe", "chrome-gnome", "chrome-kde"]

The [urls] section is used to match the correct script to any URL that is provided through the password database.

Nightwatch Configuration

An example configuration can be found in nightwatch.conf.js. It provides two test settings which are firefox and chrome.

In the Nightwatch configuration file we can add arguments which are passed to the executed browser.

Here is an example for arguments which are passed to Firefox:

'moz:firefoxOptions': {
    args: [

and for Chrome:

chromeOptions : {
    args: [

For debugging purpuses it can be very beneficial to remove/comment out the '-headless' argument.

Nightwatch Debugging

While writing Nightwatch scripts it can be helpful to test them seperatly.

You can test a single script by executing:

nightwatch --env test_setting --test url username old_password new_password

Set test_setting according to the Nightwatch Configuration. For the example configuration it has to be either firefox or chrome. Set url, username, old_password and new_password to the according values.


Anti-bot measures are a problem since they block us from accessing the account. An example would be the Google Account. The server blocks our request since it detects bot activity.

Useful Features

We support the cloning of entries for kdbx-based databases. A clone only contains references to the origin and not the values. The references are dereferenced and the values are copied to the clone, see resolve_references.

You can change the password generation parameters in get_pw. Please refer to the passwords crate for additional information.


Password updater for KeePass, KeePassX, KeePassXC(kdbx), pass, Chrome, Password Safe.






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