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This is original deskew plug-in for GIMP written by Karl Chen back in 2007. 
The plugin's homepage has been offline for a very long time, and the 
plug-in needed some fixes. So I went ahead and saved it from 
http://ccux-linux.de/pdb/index.php?pdetail=6271 where an src.rpm still had the 
original tarball.

Below goes slightly adjusted original contents of README.

GIMP Deskew Plug-In

Copyright (C) 2007 Karl Chen <quarl@cs.berkeley.edu>


Distributed under GPL v2+ (see COPYING).

Uses Radon skew detection algorithm and code from the PageTools project
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/pagetools).  kale4@users.sourceforge.net,


Click Layer => Transform => Deskew.

Gimp will auto-straighten ("deskew") the image.


Building/installation procedure depends on where you got the source code from.

If you got source code from Git repository,

	make install

If you got a tarball with a version,

	make install

For both ./autogen.sh and ./configure you can use --prefix=INSTALL_PATH, where 
a typical installation path is /usr. By default /usr/local is used.