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Shadow of the Wyrm is a traditional roguelike game in the spirit of Omega and ADOM. It provides a large, explorable world, in addition to dungeons, caverns, and other traditional roguelike elements.

Shadow of the Wyrm is, specifically:

  1. Written in C++, with some functionality implemented in Lua.

  2. Intended that the game should be playable via old terminals and over telnet/ssh.

  3. A roguelike for people who like roguelikes.

  4. Inspired by ADOM's combination of static and dynamic elements, and DCSS's deep gameplay.

Shadow of the Wyrm is released under the terms of the MIT License. A copy of this license can be found in LICENSE.

To build the game, see the appropriate file for your operating system.

At the current time I am unlikely to accept pull requests.