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[DEPRECATED]: The autodock based minimal Docker PaaS (See autodock itself)
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DEPRECATED: As of 29th March 2018 this project has been deprecated and archived. Please go see the main project autodock for suitable alternatives. Why? Basically I've stopped using hipache as my load balanacer / reverse proxy of choise as it is memory inefficient. Traefik is a much better and more popluar choice and since it automatically manages its own configuration so autodock doesn't have to.

Image Layers

This is the autodock based minimal Docker based PaaS.

autodock-paas is MIT licensed.

This stack is also registered over at Stackfiles.

Quick Start

Simply run on a Docker Host with Docker Compose installed:

$ curl -sSL | bash -s

Now whenever you start a new container autodock will listen for Docker events and discover containers that have been started. The autodock-hipache plugin will specifically listen for starting containers that have a VIRTUALHOST environment variable and reconfigure the running hipache container.

Start a "Hello World" Web Application:

$ docker run -d -e prologic/hello
curl -q -o - -H 'Host:' http://localhost/
Hello World!


This method of hosting and managing webapps and websites is in
production deployments and talked about in more detail in the post [A Docker-based mini-PaaS](<

Updated (20150914): We now provide an autodock-paas image that you can
run to setup autodock:

$ docker run -d -e -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock prologic/autodock-paas

Or as a Docker Compose service:

  image: prologic/autodock-paas
    - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
  restart: always

Creating SSL Certificates

Use either the mksslcert from the OpenSSL package. Example:

mkdir -p etc/hipache/ssl
mksslcert ssl/hipache/ssl/ssl.key ssl/hipache/ssl/ssl.crt '*'

The prologic/mksslcrt image uses this tool to automatically created self-signed SSL certificates when run. Examples:

Host mounted volume:

$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):ssl:/ssl mksslcrt '*'

Data volume container:

$ docker run --name sslcerts prologic/mksslcrt '*'
$ docker run --volumes-from sslcerts prologic/hipache

Or this nice Docker Image: cpuguy83/sslgen.

For signed certificates have a look at starefossen/sslmate.