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Augmented Reality Framework for iOS - Well optimized for all devices, even the older iPhones.


Getting Started Video Tutorial



What it provides

  • An Augmented reality view out-of-the-box
  • Customizable AR Overlays

(NEW) SIMPLE Example App

Demonstrates the use of the PRAugmentedReality Framework

  • Basic data is generated at runtime
  • 1 view: Augmented Reality

More complex Example App

Demonstrates the use of the PRAugmentedReality Framework with:

  • Simple and efficient Data Storing for AR Objects using SQLite DB
  • Custom Map Pin annotation
  • Communication system with a Drupal module for simple creation of content on a site ** Includes 20+ locations near the provided "Test Location" for testing.


Version Requirements

PRAugmentedReality is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later.

Installation - Using Cocoapods

Put this line in your podfile: pod 'PRAugmentedReality'


Wiki - Getting Started Guide - Everything you need to use the framework out of the box.
Wiki - Expanding on it Guide - Tips on modifying the framework for your own use.
GitHub Pages - Info page for less techie viewers


DrupalCon Social - Demo App