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Add php-dom extension for CentOs platform.

The build fails on my CentoOs6.3 base box because drush install throws
an Exception when it does not find the php-dom extension.

The minimum PHP package on CentOs does not include the php-dom extension by default.

Note there is no php:module_dom recipe to add via the requirement stament.  Also, the
maintainer of the php cookbook has depricated all the module_<extension>
recipes, and is asking developers that require these extensions to include them via a call to package as I do here.
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1 parent 143c906 commit 17800f0ab7d39eaa6a36e21114b56638bd01d2a8 @dkinzer dkinzer committed Feb 11, 2013
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  1. +8 −0 recipes/default.rb
@@ -23,6 +23,14 @@
include_recipe "postfix"
include_recipe "drupal::drush"
+# Centos does not include the php-dom extension in it's minimal php install.
+case node[:platform]
+when "centos"
+ package 'php-dom' do
+ action :install
+ end
if node['drupal']['site']['host'] == "localhost"
include_recipe "mysql::server"

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