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Check for a default site before disabling it.

The build fails on our centos63 platform because the default site is not
enabled and the `a2dissite` command throws an error when it does not find it.
This commit corrects this issue by making sure that command is only envoked
when a default site is present.

Note that in the current apache2 cookbook `default['apache']['default_site_enabled']`
is set to `false` for all platforms.
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1 parent 50d11cf commit 75f70658c9c44f6804a04ccac452c150db7d9f70 @dkinzer dkinzer committed Feb 13, 2013
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@@ -108,4 +108,5 @@
execute "disable-default-site" do
command "sudo a2dissite default"
notifies :reload, "service[apache2]", :delayed
+ only_if do File.exists? "#{node['apache']['dir']}/sites-enabled/default" end

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