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Drupalcamp Cebu 2015 logo

Drupalcamp Cebu 2015

About Drupalcamp Cebu

Drupalcamp Cebu 2015 is a conference about Drupal and Open Source technologies organized in Cebu City, Philippines.

The website is build using Drupal 8. Original version based on drupal-8-beta-14.

Get started!

You want to help? Awesome!

The website for Drupalcamp is made using Drupal 8. Checkout the requirements for Drupal 8

Here is how to setup your local version of the site:

  1. Have a working VM or equivalent, for Drupal 8. We recommend the open source Drupal-vm, Virtual Machine for drupal 7/8 with a provision using ansible.
  2. Install Drupal 8 with the "minimal" profile.
  3. Import the reference database from the db-ref folder.
  4. Copy the file reference folder from files-ref in www/sites/default.
  5. Import the configuration : $ drush cim
  6. Clear the cache : $ drush cr
  7. You are ready to roll ! Start looking at the site's issues.

Drupalcamp Cebu 2015 repository folders


  • config : D8 configuration system
  • db-ref : Database reference for devs.
  • files-ref : Various images for devs.
  • static : Static version before drupal.
  • www : Drupal 8 version of the site.

MVP tasks

  • Web design PSD (Luc Bezier).
  • Static version (Mary Chris Casis).
  • Drupal 8 version MVP (Mary Chris Casis, Leo Tan, Luc Bezier).
  • Live server setup (Vincent Caballo, Zakatell Kanda)

Contact list

  • Front end Lead: Leo Tan
  • Front end and site building : Mary Chris Casis
  • Back end: Luc Bezier