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LinuxSysadmin Blog



  • Ruby 1.9.2
  • Bundler

Quick Start

git clone blog
cd blog
bundle install


  • NEVER push to master
  • Update the blog the same way you would update code
  • Posts in are ./source/_posts
  • Branch off master or work locally for longer running articles
  • Always work off the source branch

Initial setup

Before you can publish your first changes you will have to bootstrap your environment. For this run:

rake bootstrap

Creating a new Post

  1. Make sure you have the most recent posts

    git pull
  2. Use the built-in Rake task to generate the necessary files:

    rake new_post["Title for my new blogpost"]
  3. Open the generated markdown file

  4. Add metadata to the YAML front matter ('author' should correspond to a key in _config.yml):

    author: marius-ducea
    categories: [Install, Setup, etc]
    published: false # working draft, will not be published on generate
  5. Write content

  6. Generate & Preview

    rake generate && rake preview # Watches and mounts a webserver at


  1. Add and push your changes to github

    git add [your changes]
    git push origin source
  2. Deploy your changes

    rake deploy

    In a few moments, see your new article published on the blog!


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