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# Monkeypatch for Jekyll
# Introduce distinction between preview/productive site generation
# so posts with YAML attribute `published: false` can be previewed
# on localhost without being published to the productive environment.
module Jekyll
class Site
# Read all the files in <source>/<dir>/_posts and create a new Post
# object with each one.
# dir - The String relative path of the directory to read.
# Returns nothing.
def read_posts(dir)
base = File.join(self.source, dir, '_posts')
return unless File.exists?(base)
entries = Dir.chdir(base) { filter_entries(Dir['**/*']) }
# first pass processes, but does not yet render post content
entries.each do |f|
if Post.valid?(f)
post =, self.source, dir, f)
# Monkeypatch:
# On preview environment (localhost), publish all posts
if ENV.has_key?('OCTOPRESS_ENV') && ENV['OCTOPRESS_ENV'] == 'preview' &&'published') &&['published'] == false
post.published = true
# Set preview mode flag (if necessary), `rake generate` will check for it
# to prevent pushing preview posts to productive environment".preview-mode", "w") {}
if post.published && (self.future || <= self.time)
self.posts << post
post.categories.each { |c| self.categories[c] << post }
post.tags.each { |c| self.tags[c] << post }
# limit the posts if :limit_posts option is set
self.posts = self.posts[-limit_posts, limit_posts] if limit_posts
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