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PgBouncer exporter

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Prometheus exporter for PgBouncer. Exports metrics at 9127/metrics

Building and running

make build
./pgbouncer_exporter <flags>

To see all available configuration flags:

./pgbouncer_exporter -h


PgBouncer column Prometheus Metric Description
stats_total_query_count pgbouncer_stats_queries_pooled_total Total number of SQL queries pooled
stats.total_query_time pgbouncer_stats_queries_duration_seconds_total Total number of seconds spent by pgbouncer when actively connected to PostgreSQL, executing queries
stats.total_received pgbouncer_stats_received_bytes_total Total volume in bytes of network traffic received by pgbouncer, shown as bytes
stats.total_requests pgbouncer_stats_queries_total Total number of SQL requests pooled by pgbouncer, shown as requests
stats.total_sent pgbouncer_stats_sent_bytes_total Total volume in bytes of network traffic sent by pgbouncer, shown as bytes
stats.total_wait_time pgbouncer_stats_client_wait_seconds_total Time spent by clients waiting for a server in seconds
stats.total_xact_count pgbouncer_stats_sql_transactions_pooled_total Total number of SQL transactions pooled
stats.total_xact_time pgbouncer_stats_server_in_transaction_seconds_total Total number of seconds spent by pgbouncer when connected to PostgreSQL in a transaction, either idle in transaction or executing queries
pools.cl_active pgbouncer_pools_client_active_connections Client connections linked to server connection and able to process queries, shown as connection
pools.cl_waiting pgbouncer_pools_client_waiting_connections Client connections waiting on a server connection, shown as connection
pools.sv_active pgbouncer_pools_server_active_connections Server connections linked to a client connection, shown as connection
pools.sv_idle pgbouncer_pools_server_idle_connections Server connections idle and ready for a client query, shown as connection
pools.sv_used pgbouncer_pools_server_used_connections Server connections idle more than server_check_delay, needing server_check_query, shown as connection
pools.sv_tested pgbouncer_pools_server_testing_connections Server connections currently running either server_reset_query or server_check_query, shown as connection
pools.sv_login pgbouncer_pools_server_login_connections Server connections currently in the process of logging in, shown as connection
pools.maxwait pgbouncer_pools_client_maxwait_seconds Age of oldest unserved client connection, shown as second