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1.13.0 / 2022-08-06

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@bwplotka bwplotka released this
· 7 commits to main since this release
  • [CHANGE] Minimum required Go version is now 1.17 (we also test client_golang against the new 1.19 version).
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added prometheus.TransactionalGatherer interface for promhttp.Handler use which allows using low allocation update techniques for custom collectors. #989
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added exemplar support to prometheus.NewConstHistogram. See ExampleNewConstHistogram_WithExemplar example on how to use it. #986
  • [ENHANCEMENT] prometheus/push.Pusher now has context-aware methods that pass context to HTTP requests. #1028
  • [ENHANCEMENT] prometheus/push.Pusher has now Error method that retrieve last error. #1075
  • [ENHANCEMENT] testutil.GatherAndCompare provides now readable diff on failed comparisons. #998
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Query API now supports timeouts. #1014
  • [ENHANCEMENT] New MetricVec method DeletePartialMatch(labels Labels) for deleting all metrics that match provided labels. #1013
  • [ENHANCEMENT] api.Config now accepts passing custom *http.Client. #1025
  • [BUGFIX] Raise exemplar labels limit from 64 to 128 bytes as specified in OpenMetrics spec. #1091
  • [BUGFIX] Allow adding exemplar to +Inf bucket to const histograms. #1094
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Most promhttp.Instrument* middlewares now support adding exemplars to metrics. This allows hooking those to your tracing middleware that retrieves trace ID and puts it in exemplar if present. #1055
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added testutil.ScrapeAndCompare method. #1043
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed GopherJS build support. #897
  • [ENHANCEMENT] ⚠️ Added way to specify what runtime/metrics collectors.NewGoCollector should use. See ExampleGoCollector_WithAdvancedGoMetrics. #1102

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