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An exporter for collectd. It accepts collectd's binary network protocol as sent by collectd's network plugin and metrics in JSON format via HTTP POST as sent by collectd's write_http plugin, and transforms and exposes them for consumption by Prometheus.

This exporter is useful for exporting metrics from existing collectd setups, as well as for metrics which are not covered by the core Prometheus exporters such as the Node Exporter.

Binary network protocol

collectd's network plugin uses a lightweight binary protocol to send metrics from one instance to another. To consume these packets with collectd_exporter, first configure collectd to send these metrics to the appropriate address:

LoadPlugin network
<Plugin network>
  Server "" "25826"

Then start collectd_exporter with --collectd.listen-address=":25826" to start consuming and exporting these metrics.

JSON format

collectd's write_http plugin is able to send metrics via HTTP POST requests. collectd_exporter serves an appropriate end-point which accepts, parses and exports the metrics. First, configure collectd to send these metrics to the HTTP end-point:

LoadPlugin write_http
<Plugin write_http>
  <Node "collectd_exporter">
    URL "http://localhost:9103/collectd-post"
    Format "JSON"
    StoreRates false

To change the path of the end-point, use the --web.collectd-push-path command line option. To disable this functionality altogether, use --web.collectd-push-path="".

Using Docker

You can deploy this exporter using the prom/collectd-exporter Docker image. You will need to map the collectd port from the container to the host, remembering that this is a UDP port.

For example:

docker pull prom/collectd-exporter

docker run -d -p 9103:9103 -p 25826:25826/udp prom/collectd-exporter --collectd.listen-address=":25826"


A server that accepts collectd stats via HTTP POST and exports them via HTTP for Prometheus consumption




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