@SuperQ SuperQ released this Oct 6, 2017 · 211 commits to master since this release

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Breaking changes

This release contains major breaking changes to flag handling.

  • The flag library has been changed, all flags now require double-dashs. (-foo becomes --foo).
  • The collector selection flag has been replaced by individual boolean flags.
  • The -collector.procfs and -collector.sysfs flags have been renamed to --path.procfs and --path.sysfs respectively.

The ntp collector has been replaced with a new NTP-based check that is designed to expose the state of a localhost NTP server rather than provide the offset of the node to a remote NTP server. By default the ntp collector is now locked to localhost. This is to avoid accidental spamming of public internet NTP pools.

Windows support is now removed, the wmi_exporter is recommended as a replacement.

  • [CHANGE] node_cpu metrics moved from stats to cpu collector on linux (enabled by default). #548
  • [CHANGE] Blacklist systemd scope units #534
  • [CHANGE] Remove netbsd/arm #551
  • [CHANGE] Remove Windows support #549
  • [CHANGE] Enable IPVS collector by default #623
  • [CHANGE] Switch to kingpin flags #639
  • [CHANGE] Replace --collectors.enabled with per-collector flags #640
  • [FEATURE] Add ARP collector for Linux #540
  • [FEATURE] Add XFS colector for Linux #568, #575
  • [FEATURE] Add qdisc collector for Linux #580
  • [FEATURE] Add cpufreq stats for Linux #548
  • [FEATURE] Add diskstats for Darwin #593
  • [FEATURE] Add bcache collector for Linux #597
  • [FEATURE] Add parsing /proc/net/snmp6 file for Linux #615
  • [FEATURE] Add timex collector for Linux #664
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Include overal health status in smartmon.sh example script #546
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Include guest_nice in CPU collector #554
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add exec_boot_time for freebsd, dragonfly #550
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Get full resolution for node_time #555
  • [ENHANCEMENT] infiniband: Multiply port data XMIT/RCV metrics by 4 #579
  • [ENHANCEMENT] cpu: Metric 'package_throttles_total' is per package. #657
  • [BUGFIX] Fix stale device error metrics #533
  • [BUGFIX] edac: Fix typo in node_edac_csrow_uncorrectable_errors_total #564
  • [BUGFIX] Use int64 throughout the ZFS collector #653
  • [BUGFIX] Silently ignore nonexisting bonding_masters file #569
  • [BUGFIX] Change raid0 status line regexp for mdadm collector (bug #618) #619
  • [BUGFIX] Ignore wifi collector permission errors #646
  • [BUGFIX] Always try to return smartmon_device_info metric #663