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0.16.0 / 2018-05-15

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@SuperQ SuperQ released this 15 May 16:33
· 977 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes

This release contains major breaking changes to metric names. Many metrics have new names, labels, and label values in order to conform to current naming conventions.

  • Linux node_cpu metrics now break out guest values into separate metrics. See Issue #737
  • Many counter metrics have been renamed to include _total.
  • Many metrics have been renamed/modified to include base units, for example node_cpu is now node_cpu_seconds_total.

In order to help with the transition we have an upgrade guide.

Other breaking changes:

  • The megacli collector has been removed, is now replaced by the textfile helper.

  • The gmond collector has been removed.

  • The textfile collector will now treat timestamps as errors.

  • [CHANGE] Split out guest cpu metrics on Linux. #744

  • [CHANGE] Exclude Linux proc from filesystem type regexp #774

  • [CHANGE] Ignore more virtual filesystems #775

  • [CHANGE] Remove obsolete megacli collector. #798

  • [CHANGE] Ignore /var/lib/docker by default. #814

  • [CHANGE] Cleanup NFS metrics #834

  • [CHANGE] Only report core throttles per core, not per cpu #836

  • [CHANGE] Treat custom textfile metric timestamps as errors #769

  • [CHANGE] Use lowercase cpu label name in interrupts #849

  • [CHANGE] Enable bonding collector by default. #872

  • [CHANGE] Greatly reduce the metrics vmstat returns by default. #874

  • [CHANGE] Greatly trim what netstat collector exposes by default #876

  • [CHANGE] Drop exec_ prefix and move node_boot_time_seconds from exec to new boottime collector and enable for Darwin/Dragonfly/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD. #839, #901

  • [CHANGE] Remove depreated gmond collector #852

  • [CHANGE] align Darwin disk stat names with Linux #930

  • [FEATURE] Add collect[] parameter #699

  • [FEATURE] Add text collector conversion for ipmitool output. #746

  • [FEATURE] Add openbsd meminfo #724

  • [FEATURE] Add systemd summary metrics #765

  • [FEATURE] Add OpenBSD CPU collector #805

  • [FEATURE] Add NFS Server metrics collector. #803

  • [FEATURE] add sample directory size exporter #789

  • [ENHANCEMENT] added Wear_Leveling_Count attribute to script #707

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Simplify Utsname string conversion #716

  • [ENHANCEMENT] handle multiple origins in apt-get output #757

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Export systemd timers last trigger seconds. #807

  • [ENHANCEMENT] updates for zfsonlinux 0.7.5 #779

  • [BUGFIX] Fix textfile script #700

  • [BUGFIX] netdev: Change valueType to CounterValue #749

  • [BUGFIX] textfile: fix duplicate metrics error #738

  • [BUGFIX] Fix panic by updating dependency #778

  • [BUGFIX] Use uint64 in the ZFS collector #714

  • [BUGFIX] multiply page size after float64 coercion to avoid signed integer overflow #780

  • [BUGFIX] smartmon: Escape double quotes in device model family #772

  • [BUGFIX] Fix log level regression in #533 #815

  • [BUGFIX] Correct the ClocksPerSec scaling factor on Darwin #846

  • [BUGFIX] Count core throttles per core and per package #871

  • [BUGFIX] Fix netdev collector for linux #890 #910

  • [BUGFIX] Fix memory corruption when number of filesystems > 16 on FreeBSD #900

  • [BUGFIX] Fix parsing of interface aliases in netdev linux #904