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Node Mixin

This is a work in progress. We aim for it to become a good role model for alerts and dashboards eventually, but it is not quite there yet.

The Node Mixin is a set of configurable, reusable, and extensible alerts and dashboards based on the metrics exported by the Node Exporter. The mixin creates recording and alerting rules for Prometheus and suitable dashboard descriptions for Grafana.

To use them, you need to have jsonnet (v0.13+) and jb installed. If you have a working Go development environment, it's easiest to run the following:

$ go get
$ go get

Note: The make targets lint and fmt need the jsonnetfmt binary, which is currently not included in the Go implementation of jsonnet. For the time being, you have to install the C++ version of jsonnetfmt if you want to use make lint or make fmt.

Next, install the dependencies by running the following command in this directory:

$ jb install

You can then build the Prometheus rules files node_alerts.yaml and node_rules.yaml:

$ make node_alerts.yaml node_rules.yaml

You can also build a directory dashboard_out with the JSON dashboard files for Grafana:

$ make dashboards_out

Note that some of the generated dashboards require recording rules specified in the previously generated node_rules.yaml.

For more advanced uses of mixins, see

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