zeichenanonym and SuperQ textfile example storcli enhancements (#1145)
* storcli.py: Remove IntEnum

This removes an external dependency.
Moved VD state to VD info labels

* storcli.py: Fix BBU health detection

BBU Status is 0 for a healthy cache vault and 32 for a healthy BBU.

* storcli.py: Strip all strings from PD

Strip all strings that we get from PDs.
They often contain whitespaces....

* storcli.py: Add formatting options

Add help text explaining how this documented was formatted

* storcli.py: Add DG to pd_info label

Add disk group to pd_info.
That way we can relate to PDs in the same DG.
For example to check if all disks in one RAID
use the same interface...

* storcli.py: Fix promtool issues

Fix linting issues reported by promtool check-metrics
* storcli.py: Exit if storcli reports issues

storcli reports if the command was a success.
We should not continue if there are issues.

* storcli.py: Try to parse metrics to float

This will sanitize the values we hand over to
node_exporter - eliminating any unforeseen values we read out...

* storcli.py: Refactor code to implement handle_sas_controller()

Move code into methods so that we can now also support HBA queries.
* storcli.py: Sort inputs

"...like a good python developer"
  - Daniel Swarbrick

* storcli.py: Replace external dateutil library with internal datetime

Removes external dependency...

* storcli.py: Also collect temperature on megaraid cards

We have already collected them on mpt3sas cards...

* storcli.py: Clean up old code

Removed dead code that is not used any more.

* storcli.py: strip() all information for labels

They often contain whitespaces...

* storcli.py: Try to catch KeyErrors generally

If some key we expect is not there, we will want to
still print whatever we have collected so far...

* storcli.py: Increment version number

We have made some changes here and there.
The general look of the data has not been changed.

* storcli.py: Fix CodeSpell issue

Split string to avoid issues with Codespell due to Celcius in JSON Key

Signed-off-by: Christopher Blum <zeichenanonym@web.de>
Latest commit 1b98db9 Nov 7, 2018