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0.18.0 / 2016-04-18

@fabxc fabxc released this
· 6751 commits to main since this release
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Breaking change:
Support for the old alerting rule syntax was dropped for this version as announced with the 0.17.0 release.

  • [BUGFIX] Fix operator precedence in PromQL
  • [BUGFIX] Never drop still open head chunk
  • [BUGFIX] Fix missing 'keep_common' when printing AST node
  • [CHANGE/BUGFIX] Target identity considers path and parameters additionally to host and port
  • [CHANGE] Rename metric prometheus_local_storage_invalid_preload_requests_total to prometheus_local_storage_non_existent_series_matches_total
  • [CHANGE] Support for old alerting rule syntax dropped
  • [FEATURE] Deduplicate targets within the same scrape job
  • [FEATURE] Add varbit chunk encoding (higher compression, more CPU usage – disabled by default)
  • [FEATURE] Add holt_winters query function
  • [FEATURE] Add relative complement unless operator to PromQL
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Quarantine series file if data corruption is encountered (instead of crashing)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Validate Alertmanager URL
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Use UTC for build timestamp
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improve index query performance (especially for active time series)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Instrument configuration reload duration
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Instrument retrieval layer
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add Go version to prometheus_build_info metric