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v1.0.0 / 2016-07-18

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@fabxc fabxc released this 18 Jul 14:37
· 9787 commits to main since this release
  • [CHANGE] Remove deprecated query language keywords
  • [CHANGE] Change Kubernetes SD to require specifying Kubernetes role
  • [CHANGE] Use service address in Consul SD if available
  • [CHANGE] Standardize all Prometheus internal metrics to second units
  • [CHANGE] Remove unversioned legacy HTTP API
  • [CHANGE] Remove legacy ingestion of JSON metric format
  • [CHANGE] Remove deprecated target_groups configuration
  • [FEATURE] Add binary power operation to PromQL
  • [FEATURE] Add count_values aggregator
  • [FEATURE] Add -web.route-prefix flag
  • [FEATURE] Allow on(), by(), without() in PromQL with empty label sets
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Make topk/bottomk query functions aggregators
  • [BUGFIX] Fix annotations in alert rule printing
  • [BUGFIX] Expand alert templating at evaluation time
  • [BUGFIX] Fix edge case handling in crash recovery
  • [BUGFIX] Hide testing package flags from help output