@grobie grobie released this Nov 8, 2017 · 726 commits to master since this release

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This release includes a completely rewritten storage, huge performance
improvements, but also many backwards incompatible changes. For more
information, read the announcement blog post and migration guide.


  • [CHANGE] Completely rewritten storage layer, with WAL. This is not backwards compatible with 1.x storage, and many flags have changed/disappeared.
  • [CHANGE] New staleness behavior. Series now marked stale after target scrapes no longer return them, and soon after targets disappear from service discovery.
  • [CHANGE] Rules files use YAML syntax now. Conversion tool added to promtool.
  • [CHANGE] Removed count_scalar, drop_common_labels functions and keep_common modifier from PromQL.
  • [CHANGE] Rewritten exposition format parser with much higher performance. The Protobuf exposition format is no longer supported.
  • [CHANGE] Example console templates updated for new storage and metrics names. Examples other than node exporter and Prometheus removed.
  • [CHANGE] Admin and lifecycle APIs now disabled by default, can be reenabled via flags
  • [CHANGE] Flags switched to using Kingpin, all flags are now --flagname rather than -flagname.
  • [FEATURE/CHANGE] Remote read can be configured to not read data which is available locally. This is enabled by default.
  • [FEATURE] Rules can be grouped now. Rules within a rule group are executed sequentially.
  • [FEATURE] Added experimental GRPC apis
  • [FEATURE] Add timestamp() function to PromQL.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remove remote read from the query path if no remote storage is configured.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Bump Consul HTTP client timeout to not match the Consul SD watch timeout.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Go-conntrack added to provide HTTP connection metrics.
  • [BUGFIX] Fix connection leak in Consul SD.