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Signed-off-by: Tom Wilkie <>
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Remote storage adapter

This is a write adapter that receives samples via Prometheus's remote write protocol and stores them in Graphite, InfluxDB, or OpenTSDB. It is meant as a replacement for the built-in specific remote storage implementations that have been removed from Prometheus.

For InfluxDB, this binary is also a read adapter that supports reading back data through Prometheus via Prometheus's remote read protocol.


go build


Graphite example:

./remote_storage_adapter -graphite-address=localhost:8080

OpenTSDB example:

./remote_storage_adapter -opentsdb-url=http://localhost:8081/

InfluxDB example:

./remote_storage_adapter -influxdb-url=http://localhost:8086/ -influxdb.database=prometheus -influxdb.retention-policy=autogen

To show all flags:

./remote_storage_adapter -h

Configuring Prometheus

To configure Prometheus to send samples to this binary, add the following to your prometheus.yml:

# Remote write configuration (for Graphite, OpenTSDB, or InfluxDB).
  - url: "http://localhost:9201/write"

# Remote read configuration (for InfluxDB only at the moment).
  - url: "http://localhost:9201/read"