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This change adds EKS commands for the creation/deletion of clusters,
nodegroups, and resources similar to the existing GKE commands in
infra. The documentation for deploying prombench for EKS is also
added. The changes in this commit are not sufficient for running
funcbench on EKS.

Signed-off-by: Drumil Patel <>

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This repository contains tools and configuration files for the testing and benchmarking used in the Prometheus project.


Prombench is a project for automated E2E testing and benchmarking for Prometheus.

See prombench/ for full description.


Funcbench is a project for running go test -bench on 2 different branches and showing the difference, and more!

See funcbench/ for full description.

Building tools from source

With a working go modules enabled Go environment:

  • Install promu: go install
  • promu build
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