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ElectronRoyale Example

This example illustrates how the Apache Royale application can be launched as a desktop application using Electron. This example was created with the instructions provided in the blog post How to create a Desktop Application with Royale and Electron.


  1. Download nightly build (either full or JS-only) of Apache Royale 0.9.6.
  2. Add the SDK in Moonshine using the following instructions.

How to build and launch example

  1. Open a console window to the main folder of the application (From Moonshine, you can right-click on project and select Copy Path).
  2. Run this command npm install --save-dev electron.
  3. If the project is not open in Moonshine already, open the project by double clicking on ElectronRoyale.as3proj.
  4. Build project using menu Project -> Build as JavaScript.
  5. In console window run command npm start.
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