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Repository files navigation - the IBM Lotus Notes / Domino Community Help site.

This is the source code for the site, and will be hosted on GitHub here:

I feel compelled to justify why a site focused on the Notes / Domino platform is not written natively in it. There were two reasons for this decision so far, though it is subject to change:

  1. The hope that many people will participate in improving the site means it must be very easy for anyone to get involved and submit change (pull) requests.

  2. The need to track precisely the changes in a public forum is easiest with GitHub, which has become the epicenter of so many open source and public projects.

The site currently is written in Jekyll and based heavily upon this theme:

The original source Jekyll is available here:

A deep gratitude is owed to both the Jekyll community, and to "tomjoht" in particular for such excellent documentation he produced to allow a newbie to Jekyll like me figure it out so quickly.

Several key people have contributed to the content and are working hard to further the reach of this site inside the community. I greatly appreciate all of the help and advice provided by:

Jerry Horani, CTO of and

Jesse Gallagher, CTO of

Key members of the https://Prominic.NET team including:

Doug Robinson

Triston Dixon

Jon Schultz

Your help is greatly appreciated - thank you all!

Justin Hill