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For backwards-compatibility. keep this file.
(Many people are going to have key bindings that rely on this file.)
from .app import *
__all__ = [
# Old names.
# Keep the original classnames for backwards compatibility.
HasValidationError = lambda: has_validation_error
HasArg = lambda: has_arg
IsDone = lambda: is_done
RendererHeightIsKnown = lambda: renderer_height_is_known
ViNavigationMode = lambda: vi_navigation_mode
InPasteMode = lambda: in_paste_mode
EmacsMode = lambda: emacs_mode
EmacsInsertMode = lambda: emacs_insert_mode
ViMode = lambda: vi_mode
IsSearching = lambda: is_searching
HasSearch = lambda: is_searching
ControlIsSearchable = lambda: control_is_searchable
EmacsSelectionMode = lambda: emacs_selection_mode
ViDigraphMode = lambda: vi_digraph_mode
ViWaitingForTextObjectMode = lambda: vi_waiting_for_text_object_mode
ViSelectionMode = lambda: vi_selection_mode
ViReplaceMode = lambda: vi_replace_mode
ViInsertMultipleMode = lambda: vi_insert_multiple_mode
ViInsertMode = lambda: vi_insert_mode
HasSelection = lambda: has_selection
HasCompletions = lambda: has_completions
IsReadOnly = lambda: is_read_only
IsMultiline = lambda: is_multiline
HasFocus = has_focus # No lambda here! (Has_focus is callable that returns a callable.)
InEditingMode = in_editing_mode
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