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manipulate multiple numbers in the document. Useful for writing .md files, snippets etc.
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This plugin lets you modify the numbers in your text document.

Use cases

Useful while writing .md files where suppose you are writing a ordered list and you decide to insert a new list element in between. Now you have to increase all the numbers below this element manually. Instead, after installing this plugin, you can do this easily:

  1. Select all those lines
  2. do a ctrl-shift-L to get multiple cursors
  3. Press Home to go to the start of each line(where I assume the numbers are written)
  4. 'ctrl-shift-p' -> "increment numbers"

P.S: I know you don't have to write correct numbers in your .md files but I like to keep it clean

Another Use case is when writing snippets. There are ${1} kind of placeholders. What do you do if you want to insert a placeholder in between? You use my plugin!


  1. Select Next Number : ctrl-shift-P -> Select Next Number. Selects the number immediately next to your cursor position(s)!
  2. Modify Numbers

    • Increment : ctrl-shift-P -> Increment Numbers. Increments selected/just next numbers by 1
    • Decrement : ctrl-shift-P -> Decrement Numbers. Decrements selected/just next numbers by 1
    • Square : ctrl-shift-P -> Square Numbers. Squares selected/just next numbers by 1
    • Double : ctrl-shift-P -> Double Numbers. Doubles selected/just next numbers by 1
    • Sequence: ctrl-shift-P -> Number Sequence. Selected numbers are replaced by consecutive numbers, starting with the first value
    • Accumulation: ctrl-shift-P -> Accumulate Selected Number(s). Selected numbers are replaced by the accumlating sum
    • Summation: ctrl-shift-P -> Sum Up Selected Number(s). All selected numbers are replace by the total sum
    • Batch: ctrl-shift-P -> Batch Number Manipulation. Selected numbers are computed against the formula. Supported functions are: sin, cos, tan, log, e and pi. The variable x will be substituted to the number selected. The variable i will be substituted to the index of the selection (started from 0).
    • Custom Modifications : bring up the console by ctrl-` and type

      view.run_command('modify_numbers',{"args":{"modifier_function":(lambda x: x**3)}) #change the function given by the lambda for custom modification
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