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Maturity : alpha

CakeSpec is a tool to get a CakePHP Project up and running fast using an application specification file written in JSON format.

CakeSpec can...

  • Pull CakePHP and plugins from git.
  • Configure filesystem permissions
  • Create PHP classes
  • Set configuration variables
  • Create your configuration files
    • databases.php
    • core.php
    • routes.php
  • run bake commands
  • and much more.

To use the tool you will need to first create a cakespec file in JSON format. In this stage of development, the spec files structure may change slightly before reach beta. You can get a sneak peak of a spec file by looking in the tests/data directory.


cakespec /path/to/specfile.cakespec

Help and more command line options:

cakespec --help


git clone /usr/share/cakespec

ln -s /usr/share/cakespec /usr/bin/cakespec

CakeSpec is Open Source Software created and managed by PRONIQUE Software.