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Pronto runner for Rubocop, ruby code analyzer


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Pronto runner for RuboCop

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Pronto runner for RuboCop, ruby code analyzer. What is Pronto?


Configuring RuboCop via .rubocop.yml will work just fine with pronto-rubocop.

You can also specify a custom .rubocop.yml location with the environment variable RUBOCOP_CONFIG.

You can also provide additional configuration via .pronto.yml:

  # Map of RuboCop severity level to Pronto severity level
    refactor: info
    warning: error

  # Enable suggestions
  suggestions: true


When suggestions are enabled, the messages will include a line suggesting what to change, using GitHub's syntax on Pull Request reviews, that can be approved in one click right from the Pull Request.

For example:

GitHub screenshot with suggestion

RuboCop versions

If you need to use RuboCop v0.84.0 or v0.85.x, you'll need to ensure that you've also need to add gem 'rubocop-ast', '< 0.7.0' to your Gemfile as these were the first versions to use rubocop-ast, and unfortunately the dependency was loose enough that rubocop-ast versions >= 0.7.0 were allowed, which causes require 'rubocop' to fail with

    undefined method `join' for #<Set: {:==, :===, :!=, :<=, :>=, :>, :<}>
  in rubocop-0.84.0/lib/rubocop/cop/style/redundant_conditional.rb:57:in `<class:RedundantConditional>'

This is due to rubocop/rubocop-ast#22